HMS Andromanche

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HMS Andromanche  Apollo class second class Cruiser. Built at Chatham Dockyard and laid down April 1889, launched 13th November 1891 and completed 6th January 1894.  HMS Andromanche was one of 21 cruisers of the class. which had been ordered under the naval defence act of 1889.  Considered to be poor sea going ships and in poor sea conditions their fighting capability would be decreased severely with the waist guins not being able to cope with the conditions to be used successfully.  sometime between 1907    HMS Andromache along with her sister ships HMS Apollo, HMS Intrepid, HMS Iphigenia, HMS Latona, HMS Naiad and HMS Thetis were converted to minelayers.  HMS Andromache was laid up out of commission in 1906 until the conversion in 1907. Completed  by September 1909 at Chatham Dockyard and during the initial years of the war operated  from Dover and Sheerness but in 1915 became a depot ship in the Mediterranean. after World War One she was finally scarped in 1920

Displacement: 3400 Tons    Speed:  20 knots,  Crew: 273  Armament: Two 6 - inch Guns  Six 4.7-inch QF guns,  Eight 6 pounder and One 3 pdr Quick Firing Guns. Four machine Guns.  Four 14-inch Torpedo Tubes


HMS Andromanche 14th August 1890 Sold to breakers 1920.

HMS Andromanche. 

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Two of the crew from HMS Andromanche. 

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