Handy Class

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HMS Handy, Hart, and HMS Hunter were built by Fairfield and launched in 1895, They were fitted with Thornycroft  Boilers which gave them 4,000 HP and a speed of 27 knots, Displacement: was 275 tons and a compliment of 53 the armament: was the usual One 12 pounder guin plus two torpedo tubes. Built HMS Hunter and HMS hart were sold to the breaker sin 1912, but HMS handy was sold to Hong Kong in 1915/16.

HMS Hunter spent its service in Home waters but HMS Handy and HMS hart spent most of their service in the China Station.

HMS Handy 9th March 1895 Broken up in 1916.
HMS Hart 27th March 1895 Broken up in 1912.
HMS Hunter 28th December 1895 Broken up in 1912.
HMS Handy

HMS Handy, 1895.

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HMS Hart

HMS Hart - Name History

The tenth ?HART? was a twin-screw torpedo-boat destroyer, launched at Govan in 1895.  She was of 295 tons, 4000 horse-power, and 27 knots speed.  Her length, beam, and draught were 185ft., 19ft., and 7ft. In 1900 the ?Hart,? commanded by Lieutenant J.G Armstrong, played a minor part in the third China War or Boxer Riots. In 1913 the ?Hart? was placed on the sale list at Hong-Kong and was sold in pieces. 

HMS Hart.  Sent in by Ian Holmes.

HMS Hunter

HMS Hunter.

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HMS Hunter in 1905

HMS Hunter in the docks at Malta.  ?Walker Archive

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