Forrestal Class

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Forrestal Class and Improved Forrestal Class aircraft carriers of the United States Navy starting with USS Forrestal CVA59. Potted histories of the ships of the class and naval historians   noticeboards.

Displacement 61,163 tons standard and 78,509 tons full load. Speed: 33 knots .  range 12,000 Nautical miles at 20 Knots.  Crew 2764 ship crew and 1912 air group.  Armament: Eight 5-inch Guns  AND 90 Aircraft


USS Forrestal (CVA59) 11th December 1954 Took severe damage from explosions caused by a fuel leak on an aircraft while an air strike force were waiting to take off for Vietnam in July 1967. She was repaired and served in the Atlantic Fleet. click here for full details
USS Saratoga (CVA60) 8th October 1955 She was the first of the carriers to use A6 fighters and served in the Vietnam War in 1972. Served with the Atlantic Fleet.
USS Ranger (CVA61) 29th September 1956 Served in the Vietnam War in 1964 and from 1968 onwards. First of the carriers to use A7 fighters. Served with the Pacific Fleet.
USS Independence (CVA62) 6th June 1958 Served in Vietnam War in 1965. Moved to Atlantic Fleet.

USS Saratoga

USS Saratoga

USS Independence

USS Independence was built at the New York navy yard and laid down on the 1st July 1955 being launched on the 6th June 1958 and commissioned into the US Navy on the 10th January 1959. 

CV62 USS Independence.

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