USS Forrestal

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While serving on Yankie Station (Gulf of Tonkin) during the Vietnam War,  A catastrophic fire happened, while parked on the starboard side of the flight deck a F-4 Phantom's Zuni rocket accidentally fired. The missile hit a 400 gallon belly fuel tank of a parked A-4D Skyhawk on the other side of the flight deck. The Highly flammable fuel ignited and covered the flight deck with flames. engulfing other fully laden aircraft ready for take off.  The fire caused other ordinance and rockets to explode.  the flames engulfed the aft end of the Forrestal and also making the berthing areas directly below the deck into horrific death traps, for 50 crew members.  The horrific incident caused the deaths of 134 Officers and Men and a further 62 injured. a total of 21 aircraft were lost.  Other ships came to the Forrestal's aid, including the USS Oriskany (who also had a traffic deck fire in October 1966