USS Langley

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  USS Langley. the first United States Navy Aircraft Carrier. Converted from a naval Fleet Collier USS Jupiter. (USS Jupiter had in her history in the 1914 Mexico crisis, transporting 300 Marines). Nearly all the features on USS Langley were experimental including the arrester gear.  Unfortunately she was very slow. She was converted at mare Island Navy Yard and completed in March 1922. She was converted to a aircraft tender in 1937. and during world war two during February 1942 she was hit  off Java 5 times by 9  Japanese low level bombers. whilst carrying 32 p40 fighters.  badly damaged she was eventually sunk by her own escorting destroyer Whipple. during the action a total of 16 of her crew were killed.

Displacement: 13,990 tons,  Speed  15.5 knots.  Compliment: 468   Armament: four 5 -inch guns,  12 fighters, 12 spotters, 6 torpedo bombers, 6 seaplanes (in 1924)

USS Langley (CV1) 24th August 1912 She had to be sunk on 27th February 1942 by her escort USS Whipple after being hit by Japanese bombers.

USS Langley Submitted by Larry Stern

USS Langley Submitted by Larry Stern