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French naval battleships and battleship histories from 1859 to 1945, from the Gloire Class broadside ironclads through the dreadnought Danton class to the Richelieu class. Use the list below to view battleship class of interest.

Battleships before 1900


Gloire Class Broadside Ironclads

Gloire 24th November 1859 Stricken 1879
Invincible 4th April 1861 Stricken 1872
Normandie 10th March 1860 Stricken 1871

Couronne Broadside Ironclad

Couronne 28th March 1861 Hulked 1910

Magenta Class Broadside Ironclads

Magenta 22nd June 1861 Sunk by internal explosion 21st October 1875
Solferino 24th June 1861 Stricken 1882

Provence Class Broadside Ironclads

Flandre 12th June 1864 Stricken 1886
Gauloise 26th April 1865 Stricken 1883
Guyenne 6th September 1865 Stricken 1882
Magnanime 19th August 1864 Stricken 1882
Provence 29th October 1863 Stricken 1884
Revanche 28th December 1865 Scrapped 1893
Savoie 29th September 1863 Stricken 1888
Surveillante 18th August 1864 Stricken 1890
Valeureuse 18th August 1864 Stricken 1886
Heroine 10th December 1863 Hulked 1894

Ocean Class Central Battery Ships

Ocean 15th October 1868 Stricken 1894
Marengo 4th December 1869 Sold 1896
Suffren 26th December 1870 Stricken 1897

Friedland Central Battery Ship

Friedland 25th October 1873 Stricken 1902

Richelieu Central Battery Ship

Richelieu 3rd December 1873 Sold 1901

Colbert Class Central Battery Ships  View Class

Colbert 16th September 1875 Stricken 1900
Trident 9th November 1876 Hulked 1904

Redoutable Central Battery Ship

Redoutable September 1876 Stricken 1910

Courbet Class Central Battery Ships               View Class 

Courbet April 1882 Stricken 1910
Devastation April 1879 Scrapped 1922

 Amiral Duperre Barbette Ship 

Amiral Duperre Sept 1879 Stricken 1909

 Terrible Class Barbette Ships                    View Class

Caiman May 1885 Scrapped 1927
Indomptable Sept 1883 Scrapped 1927
Requin June 1885 Stricken 1920
Terrible 1881 Stricken 1911

 Amiral Baudin Class Barbette Ships               View Class

Amiral Baudin June 1883 Hulked 1909
Formidable April 1885 Stricken 1911

  Hoche Turret Barbette Ship

Hoche September 1886 used as target 25th November 1913

 Marceau Barbette Ship Class                       View Class

Magenta April 1890 Stricken 1910
Marceau May 1887 Scrapped 1922
Neptune May 1887 Stricken 1913

Brennus Turret Battleship

Brennus October 1891 Scrapped 1922

  Charles Martel Battleship

Charles Martel August 1893 Stricken 1922

  Carnot Battleship

Carnot July 1884 Stricken 1922

  Jaureguiberry  Battleship

Jaureguiberry Nov 1893 Scrapped 1934

  Massena Battleship

Massena July 1895 Hulked 1915

  Bouvet Battleship

Bouvet 27th May 1896 Sunk 18th March 1915, hit a mine of the Dardanelles, capsized and sank within 2 minutes with the loss of 660

Charlemagne Class                          View Class

Charlemagne 17th October 1895 Scrapped sometime after 1920.
Gaulois 8th October 1896 Sunk on 27th December 1916.
St Louis 8th September 1896 Scrapped in 1933.
Henri IV 23rd August 1899 Scrapped sometime after 1921.
Iena 1st September 1898 Sunk after explosion on board on 12th March 1907.
Suffren 25th July 1899 Served in Dardanelles campaign on 18th March 1915 and took severe damage but was repaired only to be sunk by U52 on 26th November 1916.
Republique Class                     View Class
Republique 4th September 1902 Served in Mediterranean during WW1. Scrapped after 1921.
Patrie 17th December 1903 Served in Mediterranean during WW1. Scrapped after 1928.
Liberte Class                  View Class
Democratie 30th April 1904 Served in Mediterranean during WW1. Scrapped after 1921.
Justice 27th October 1904 Served in Mediterranean during WW1. Scrapped after 1922.
Liberte 19th April 1905 Sank after an explosion on board 25th September 1911.
Verite 28th May 1907 Served in Mediterranean during WW1. Scrapped after 1922.
Danton Class                    View Class
Condorcet 20th August 1909 Taken off the list in 1931.
Danton 4th July 1909 Sunk by torpedo from U64 on 19th March 1917.
Diderot 19th April 1909 Broken up in 1937.
Mirabeau 28th October 1909 Salvaged after grounding herself in February 1919 and then used for target.
Vergniaud 12th April 1910 Taken off list in 1921 and used for target practice until 1926 Sold in 1927 and broken up for scrap in 1929.
Voltaire 16th January 1909 Torpedoed twice by UB48 on 10th October but was not sunk. Taken off list in 1935 and scrapped 1939.
Courbet Class                       View Class
Courbet 23rd September 1913 Scuttled on 9th June 1944
France 7th November 1912 Foundered on 26th August 1922.
Jean Bart 22nd September 1911 Sold for scrapping on 14th December 1945.
Paris 28th September 1912 Sold for scrapping on 21st December 1955.
Bretagne Class                           View Class
Bretagne 21st April 1913 Sunk on 3rd July 1940. Salvaged in 1952 she was subsequently scrapped
Lorraine 30th September 1913 Used as a training ship from 1945-53. Scrapped in 1954.
Provence 20th April 1913 Repaired after damage at Mers-el-Kebir in November 1940 but scuttled two years later. Salvaged by the Germans in July 1943, her guns were used as a battery near Toulon. Sunk as a blockship in 1944 she was raised in April 1949 for breaking.
Normandie Class                        View Class
Bearn April 1920 Converted to an aircraft carrier in 1923-27.
Flandre 20th October 1914 Scrapped in October 1924.
Gascoigne 20th September 1914 Scrapped in 1923-24.
Languedoc 1st May 1916 Scrapped in June 1929.
Normandie 19th October 1914 Scrapped in 1924-25.
Dunkerque Class                           View Class
Dunkerque 2nd October 1935 Scuttled on 27th November 1942. Sold for scrapping in 1958.
Strasbourg 12th December 1936 Scuttled on 27th November 1942. Salvaged by the Italian Navy a year later and returned to Toulon in 1944 where she was bombed and sunk. Eventually scrapped in May 1955.
Richelieu Class                          View Class
Richelieu 17th January 1939 Served as an accommodation ship before being scrapped in 1964.
Jean Bart 6th March 1940 Completed only in 1955 she was stricken in January 1961 before being scrapped in 1970.