Archer Class

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Aircraft Carrier histories. Royal Navy aircraft carriers of the Archer Class. Aircraft carrier website dedicated to the history of HMS Archer, HMS Avenger, HMS Biter and HMS Dasher from their launch to their participation in major wars also notice board for families of ex-crew of Archer class carriers. 

HMS Dasher was a converted aircraft carrier which blew up and sank in the River Clyde, Scotland between the Isle of Arran and Ardrossan. with the Loss of 379 lives. It is believed fuel had leaked from a aircraft which had crashed landed on deck. This carrier was built in the US. and its Fife precaution specification was not as high as those built for the RN in Britain. which may account for such a huge loss of life 

HMS Avenger 27th November 1940 Sunk 15th November 1942.
HMS Biter 18th December 1940 Sold to France 9th April 1945.
HMS Dasher 12th April 1942 Sunk 27th March 1943.

HMS Biter

HMS Biter, 1942.

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