Eagle Class

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Aircraft Carrier histories. Royal Navy Eagle Class aircraft carriers in which HMS Audacious was renamed HMS Eagle, HMS Irresistible was HMS Ark Royal, HMS Africa was cancelled. Aircraft carrier website dedicated to the history of HMS Eagle, HMS Ark Royal from their launch to their participation in major wars also notice board for naval enthusiasts of Eagle class carriers.

HMS Eagle entered service in October 1951 and was a sister ship to HMS Ark Royal. Her most well known role was in the Suez assisting the Anglo-French ground forces.

Displacement: 43, 340 tons (1957), 54,100 tons (1964).     Draught: 33ft.     Compliment: 2500.     Length: 804 ft.    Beam: 135 ft.     Speed: 32 Knots.     Armament: Sixteen 4.5 inch guns in pairs with 40mm Bofors in various arrangements.     Aircraft: 65.