Vittorio Veneto

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Navale storia del Italiano nave da battaglia Vittorio Veneto, Littorio e Roma da suo lancio e maggiore eventi in suo vita.

Naval history of the Italian battleship Vittorio Veneto, Littorio and Roma from its launch including a history of the major events from its participation in the major wars. The Vittorio Veneto class battleships were the only Italian battleships built after world war 1 and were completed during World War Two.

Littorio 22nd August 1937 Took part at Taranto and was damaged. Renamed Italia after Mussolini was removed from power. Scrapped from 1948.
Roma 9th June 1940 Sunk on 9th September 1943 by German glider bombers.
Vittorio Veneto 2nd July 1937 Scrapped from 1948.


"Littorio" a Vittorio Veneto Class battleship

Littorio.  Contributed by Alberto Rosselli


Roma.  Contributed by Alberto Rosselli.  

Vittorio Veneto

Vittorio Veneto.  Contributed by Alberto Rosselli