R. di Lauria Class

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Italian battleships of the Ruggiero di Lauria Class included Andrea Doria, Francesco Morosini and Ruggiero di Lauria.

Displacement: 9886 tons.    Speed: 16knots.   Complement: 507.   Armament: four 17in guns in pairs, two 6 inch guns, four 4.7 inch guns, two 14 inch torpedo tubes.

Ruggiero di Lauria 9th August 1884 Used as floating oil depot at La Spezia until 1943, broken up in 1946.
Francesco Morosini 30th July 1885 Used as a target and sunk on 15th September 1909.
Andrea Doria 21st November 1885 Became floating battery during WW1, scrapped in 1929.
Ruggerio di Lauria

The Ruggiero di Lauria in 1897.

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Andrea Doria

Andrea Doria was a sister ship to the Ruggiero di Lauria.

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