Uruguayan Navy

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Uruguayan Navy,

Due to her situation between two much larger countries with some naval power,  Uruguay aklways maintained at least one warship to protect her coastal waters.

Montevideo  (ex Italian Dogali) Protected Cruiser

Originally The Italian Cruiser  ex Dogali  Built in Britain by Armstrong at Elswick for the Greek Navy and named Salamis. But was bought by the Italian Navy initially to be named Angelo Emo. Served with the Italian navy, ending her service with the Italian navy while in Montevideo, when she was sold  to Uruguay on the 16th January 1908.   She was initially named DeAgosta but changed to Montevideo in 1910.  Served until 1910, and not used after this date. finally scrapped  in 1932.  

Displacement: 2050.  Speed: 17.7 knots.  Crew 224.  Armament: Six  6-inch guns,  Nine 57mm Guns, 6 Gatling guns  Four 14inch Torpedo Tubes.  One  extra75mm gun added in 1898

Montevideo  Served until 1910, and not used after this date. finally scrapped  in 1932.  

General Suarez  Gunboat.

Originally The French ship Tactique was purchased by Uruguay in 1887. She was armed with Four 2.9-inch Krupp Guns.  Displacement: 400 tons

General Suarez  Finally used as a Harbour training Ship in 1919 scrapped early 1920'2s

Malvinas Gunboat

Initially built as a Merchant steamer by Elbing This Iron Hulled ship was purchased in  1888. Displacement: 400 tons,  Speed 8 knots, Armament: 2 Small Quick Firing guns. calibre unknown.

Malvinas     1885 Scrapped 1913 - 1914

General Artigas Gunboat

Iron Hulled gunboat, Displacement 270 tons,  Speed: 12.5 knots, Crew 42.  Armament: Two 4.7-inch guns. (krupp)

General Artigas    1883 Scrapped 1913 -1915

General Rivera Gunboat

Built at Montevideo this steel Hulled Gunboat. was destroyed after a internal Explosion and sunk ijn October 1903. 

Displacement: 300 tons,  Crew 75  Speed: 12 Knots.  Armament: One 5.9 -inch guns  One 2.4 inch Gun

General Rivera   Was destroyed after a internal Explosion and sunk ijn October 1903. 

De Julio Gunboat

Built as the presidential yacht, Purchased in 1909. continued in service until the late 1940's and finally scrapped in 1950/51 

Displacement:  678 tons,  Speed: ?   Crew 85   Armament:  One Four -inch Gun and two machine guns

De Julio   1909 Scrapped 1951

Uruguay Gunboat

Built in Germany by Vulcan at Stettin launched in April 1910v initially designed as a training ship. but used as a gun boat. finally scrapped in 1953

Displacement: 1400 tons,  Speed: 12 Knots,  crew 125  Armament: Two 4.7 inch guns  Four 12 pdr guns   six 1 pdr guns and two 18-inch Torpedo Tubes

Uruguay   12th April 1910 Scrapped  1953

Paysandu Patrol ship or  Gunboat

Built At Ancona by CNR. The class consisted of three ships,  Armed with two 20mm Guns and One 37mm Guns. The ships were also used as training ships when not on Patrol 

Displacement: 180 tons,  Speed: 17 Knots,  Crew unknown at this time.  Armament two 20mm Guns and One 37mm Guns.

Paysandu   1935 Scrapped
Negro 1935 Scrapped 1969
Salto 1935  Discarded in 1973, but used after as a survey ship

        USS Dealey Aquired Frigate

Built by Bath Iron Works in the US for the US navy, This was the first escort Frigate to be built after World war two.  and the was not modified compared to the rest of the class.  Once sold to Uruguay, De Julio  had a major refit in 1979 to 1980 in Rio De Janeiro by Arsenal de Marinha. 

De Julio Received  28th July 1972 Scrapped 19


Uruguay   (EX USS Brown)  Received  May 1952 Scrapped
Artigas    (EX USS Bronstein) Received  March 1952 Scrapped 19


Uruguay   (EX Commandant Bourdais)  Received  20th August 1990 Still in Service
General Aryigas (EX Commandant Schoelcher) Received  9th January 1989 Still in Service
Montevideo  (Ex Admiral Charner) Received  28th January 1991  Still in Service

   EX Royal Navy Castle Class Corvette

Montevideo  (EX HMS  Arnrior)  Received  1956 Used as a training ship and scrapped in 1975

   EX USS Auk Class Corvette

Commandante Pedro Campbell   (EX USS Chickadee))  Received  18th August 1966 Still in Service

   EX USS Agile Class Ocean Minesweeper

Initially  sold to France in 1964, and then France sold it to Uruguay in September 1974. with all minesweeping equipment being removed. 

Maldanado   (EX MS 33))  Received  September 1974 Scrapped 1979

Uruguayan Training Ship Capitan Miranda at Malta, 27th June 1997.  Commissioned 1930 as a survey ship, became training ship in 1978.

Photographed by Patrick D'Agostino. Copyright Cranston Fine Arts.  A reproduction of this original photo  size 10" x 7" approx available.  Order photograph here  . Order Code  PD222