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History of  Royal Navy cruiser HMS New Foundland of the Fiji Class. Sister ships in the class were HMS Fiji, HMS Kenya, HMS Mauritius, HMS Nigeria, HMS Trinidad, HMS Ceylon, HMS Gambia, HMS Jamaica, HMS Uganda and HMS Bermuda.

HMS Newfoundland 19th December 1941 Sold to Peru 1959.

HMS Newfoundland.

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The following photographs have been sent to us by Terry Keir whose grandfather Marine Kenneth John House PLY-X-113145 served on the HMS Newfoundland between 1941 - 1946.

One of Kenneth's stories is of the time when the ship was at Alexandria. An explosion occurred in the port torpedo tubes, she suffered casualties and severe damage. At the time Kenneth and many of his troop were asleep or relaxing in their hammocks. The force of the blast had spun his hammock around and wrapped him tightly, unfortunately he was struck on the head by an object which knocked him out and on coming to he found himself lined up with those who were less fortunate and had died.

Kenneth John House collecting his certificate to commemorate the signing of the treaty was taken in Australia.

Group photo of my Kenneth House signing up for duty at the age of 15 he is the shortest recruit in the centre.

Picture of Kenneth John House at home in Stanley Wiltshire.

Aboard the Newfoundland was a group photo of all those personnel that were aboard when arriving in Sydney harbour that's Sydney bridge in the background.