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      SMS Mecklenburg of the The Wittelsbach Class of German battleships of the Imperial German navy were improved Kaiser class Battleships, designed in 1897 to 1898. they were the first ships to be ordered by Tirpitsz's new navy law of 1898.  and were good sea going battleships SMS Mecklinburg  was built at the AG Vulcan yard at Stettin and was launched 9th November 1901  and commissioned into the German navy on the 25th may 1903 . served with the fleet until during the first part of world war one as part of the 4th squadron but proved to be slow and vulnerable and were decommissioned.  during 1916. Mecklenburg was disarmed.. soon after Mecklenburg  became   a prisoner barrack ship at Keil. an din 1918 became a submarine crew barrack ship.  Finally being stricken 8th march 1921 and   and scrapped by Deutsche Werke at Keil-Normole in 1921

Displacement: 12,596 tons, Sped: 17.5 knots.   Armament: Four 240mm Guns in pairs, Eighteen 150mm,  twelve 88mm  and twelve MG's  Six 450mm Torpedo Tubes.  Complement: 683

SMS Mecklenburg

SMS Mecklenburg

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Mecklenburg.  Sent in by David Lockhart.

SMS Wittelsbach 3rd July 1900 Stricken 8th March 1921, BU
SMS Wettin 6th June 1901 Stricken 11th March 1920, BU

SMS Z?ringen

12th June 1901 Sunk by RAF Bombing 18th December 1944
SMS Schwaben 19th August 1901 Stricken 8th March 1921, BU
SMS Mecklenburg 9th November 1901 Stricken 25th January 1920, BU