Indiana Class

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Indiana Class Battleships

Indiana Class Battleships of the us navy, Authorised under the Naval act of 1890. The Battleships of this class were USS Indiana,BB1 Massachusetts BB2  and USS Oregon BB3. These were the first battleships of the " New Navy" But they were not very successful and in 1905 to 1908 they were modernised with much needed alterations,  After World war One, The USS Indiana was renamed Coast battleship No. 1  and USS Massachusetts was renamed Coast battleship No. 2. This was to release the Names for new battleships. USS Oregon became a floating monument at Portland between 1925 and 1942. this was stopped and the ship cleared out and became a ammunition Hulk and loaded with ammunition for the recon quest of Guam in July 1944.  She was towed there and remained there until sold in 1956. 

BB1   USS Indiana 28th June 1892 Used as a target and sunk in 1920.
BB2   USS Massachusetts 10th June 1893 Used as a target and scuttled in 1921.
BB3   USS Oregon 26th October 1893 Used as a memorial from 1925-1942. Originally to be broken up in 1942 she was first used as an ammunition hulk for the invasion of Guam. Sold for scrap in 1956.