Kearsarge Class

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Kearsarge Class pre dreadnaught battleships of the US navy, consisted of USS Kearsarge BB5 and USS Kentucky BB6.ordewreed under the Naval  act of 1895. these Flush deck battleships were both built by Newport News.  both ships turrets were modified in 1909 - 1911 due to them being bad gun platforms.

USS Kearsarge was launched on the 24th march 1898 (same day as her sister ship)  and completed 20th February 1900. Interesting conversion took place in 1920 when she became a crane ship, with a 250 ton revolving crane fitted. her name was change in 1941 to Crane ship No. 1   (this was to free the name for the new carrier  planned CV33 USS Kearsarge of the Essex Class )USS Kearsarge was sold to the breakers in 1955.

Displacement: 11,540 tons  and full load 12,850 tons,  Speed; 16 Knots, Armament: Four 13-inch Guns, Four 8-inchg guns, Fourteen 5 - inch guns,  twenty 6 pounder and eight 1 pounders,  Four 18-inch torpedo Tubes.  Complement: 553

BB5    USS Kearsarge 24th March 1898 Converted to be a crane ship in 1920 and renamed Crane Ship No.1 in November 1941. Sold for scrap in 1955.
BB 6   USS Kentucky 24th March 1898 Sold for scrap in 1923.