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History of HMS Kelly (F.01) and Notice Board for naval enthusiasts and ex Crew of HMS Kelly. This page has been set up so that naval enthusiasts of HMS Kelly can contact each other through this website. This website is not part of any governmental body or official website of HMS Kelly.

Displacement: 1690 tons as designed but actually was 2330 to 2380 tons during WW2. and later at deep load 2550 tons.  Speed: 36 knots. Compliment:  218.   Armament: Six 4.7-inch, 45 calibre QF MKX11 in pairs. plus Four 2 -pounder pompom, and ten 21-inch Torpedo Tubes in two sets of five

HMS Kelly (F.01) was built by Hawthorn Leslie and launched on the 25th October 1938.  This class of Destroyer was the first to be constructed longitudinally and were fitted with just two boilers. She was also one of three from the class to be fitted out as leaders.  Served in the Home Waters until 1940-41 when she went to the Mediterranean  HMS Kelly was sunk by German aircraft off Crete on the 23rd may 1941.

My ancestor Thomas William Bell Served on the H.M.S Kelly, and sadly died in 1941 when it was struck.    Claire Jewkes   Contact Here  


Joseph Micallef :  My grandfather Joseph Micallef served on the HMS Kelly and was the only Maltese survivor when she sank in the battle of Crete. Here are two photos (below) of his - one in uniform and another taken years later with Lord Mountbatten. My grandfather died in 1988 aged 81. Anna Caruana (Malta).   

Joseph Micallef, the only Maltese survivor of HMS Kelly after the Battle of Crete.  (see message above)

Joseph Micallef meets Lord Mountbatten.  (see message above)

HMS Kelly - Sister ships of the J and K Class

HMS Jackal   F22 25th October 1938 Sunk on 12th May 1942.
HMS Jaguar   F.34 22nd November 1938 Sunk on 26th March 1942.
HMS Janus   F.53 10th November 1938 Sunk on 23rd January 1944.
HMS Javelin    F,61 21st December 1938 Broken up 1949.
HMS Jersey    F.72 26th September 1938 Sunk on 21st May 1941.
HMS Jervis   F.00 9th September 1938 Broken up 1949.
HMS Juno    F.46 8th December 1938 Sunk 21st May 1941 by high altitude Italian bombers off Crete on May 21st 1941. The ship was sunk by Lt Morassuti flying a Cant Z.1007 Bomber of 50 Gruppo based on Scarpanto. (Information courtesy of William Woolmer).
HMS Jupiter   F.85 27th October 1938 Sunk 27th February 1942.
HMS Kandahar   F.28 21st March 1939 Sunk on 20th December 1941.
HMS Kashmir    F.12 4th April 1939 Sunk on 23rd May 1941.
HMS Kelly     F.01 25th October 1938 Sunk on 23rd May 1941.
HMS Kelvin   F.37 19th January 1939 Broken up 1949
HMS Khartoum   F.45 6th February 1939 Internal explosion 23rd June 1940.
HMS Kimberley    F.50 1st June 1939 Broken up 1949.
HMS Kingston    F.64 9th January 1939 Constructive loss 11th April 1942.
HMS Kipling   F.91 19th January 1939 Sunk 11th May 1942.