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Short histories of Flower Class Corvettes from HMS Ranunculus to HMS Zinnia. Shown on this web page are ships company notice board, histories, photos and paintings and prints.

Name Builder Launch Date Fate
HMS Ranunculus (K117) Simons 25th June 1941 Served with the French Navy as Renoncule in 1941, she later became the merchant ship Southern Lily in 1947.
HMS Rhododendron (K78) Harland & Wolff 2nd September 1940 Became the merchant ship Maj Vinke in 1950.
HMS Rockrose (K51) Hill, Richardson, Westgarth & Clark 26th July 1941 Served with the South African Navy as Protea in 1947.

Protea (ex HMS Rockrose), March 1950.

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HMS Rose (K102) Simons 22nd September 1941 Served with the Norwegian Navy in 1941 and was lost on 26th October 1944.
HMS Salvia (K97) Simons 6th August 1940 Lost on Christmas Eve 1941 after being torpedoed by U568. (Info from Daniel Morgan)
HMS Samphire (K128) Smiths Dock 14th April 1941 Lost on 30th January 1943.
HMS Saxifrage (K04) Hill, Richardson, Westgarth & Clark 24th October 1941 Served with the Norwegian Navy as Polarfront 1 in 1947.
HMS Snapdragon (K10) Simons 3rd September 1940 Lost on 19th December 1942.
HMS Snowdrop (K67) Smiths Dock 19th July 1940 Scrapped in September 1949 at Tyne.
HMS Spiraea (K08) Inglis, Kincaid 31st October 1940 Became the merchant ship Thessalonika in 1948.
HMS Starwort (K20) Inglis, Kincaid 12th February 1941 Became the merchant ship Southern Broom in 1948.

HMS Starwort sent in by Bob Clay whose friend Arthur Cattell (now deceased) served on her.

HMS Stonecrop (K142) Smiths Dock 12th May 1941 Became the merchant ship Silver King in 1949, changed name to Martha Vinke in 1950.
HMS Sundew (K57) Lewis 28th May 1941 Served with the French Navy as Roselys in 1941, she was scrapped in May 1948 at Troon.
HMS Sunflower (K41) Smiths Dock 19th August 1940 Scrapped in August 1947 at Hayle.
HMS Sweetbriar (K209) Smiths Dock 26th June 1941 Became the merchant ship Star IX in 1949.
HMS Tamarisk (Ex Ettrick) (K216) Fleming & Ferguson 28th July 1941 Served with the Hellenic Navy as Tompazis in 1943, she was sold for scrapping in the UK on 20th March 1952.
HMS Thyme (K210) Smiths Dock 25th July 1941 Became weather reporter in 1946 and then weather explorer in 1947. In 1958 she became the merchant ship Epos.
HMS Tulip (K29) Smiths Dock 4th September 1940 Became the merchant ship Olympic Conqueror in 1950, then Otori Maru No.8 in 1956 and then Thorlyn in 1957.
HMS Verbena (K85) Smiths Dock 1st October 1940 Scrapped in October 1951 at Blyth.
HMS Veronica (K37) Smiths Dock 17th October 1940 Served with the US Navy as Temptress in 1942. She became the merchant ship Verolock in 1947 but was lost in January the same year. Salvaged and scrapped in 1951 at Blyth.
HMS Vervain (ex Broom) (K190) Harland & Wolff 12th March 1941 Lost at sea on 20th February 1945.
HMS Vetch (K132) Smiths Dock 27th May 1941 Became the merchant ship Patrai in 1948, renamed Olympic Hunter in 1951, and then called Otori Maru No.18 in 1956.

Leading Telegraphist Donald Sabin of HMS Vetch.

HMS Violet (K35) Simons 30th December 1940 Became the merchant ship La Aguera in 1947, renamed La Guera in 1949.
HMS Wallflower (K44) Smiths Dock 14th November 1940 Became the merchant ship Asbjorn Larsen in 1949.
HMS Woodruff (K53) Simons 28th February 1941 Became the merchant ship Southern Lupin in 1948 and was scrapped in November 1959 at Odense.
HMS Snowflake (ex Zenobia) (K211) Smiths Dock 22nd August 1941 Became weather watcher in 1947 and was scrapped in May 1962 at Dublin.
HMS Zinnia (K98) Smiths Dock 28th November 1940 Lost on 23rd August 1941.