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Short histories of Flower Class Corvettes from HMS Calendula to HMS Fritillary. Shown on this web page are ships company notice board, histories, photos and paintings and prints.

Other ships will be added soon, this page is under construction.

Displacement 925 tons, and a crew of 85, top speed of 16 knots. and a armament of one 4 - inch gun, one 2 pounder AA  and four .303 inch AA guns. 

Name Builder Launch Date Fate
HMS Calendula (K28) Harland & Wolff 21st March 1940 Served with the US Navy as Ready from 1942, became a merchant ship called Villa Cisneros in 1948 changing her name to Villa Bens in 1949.
HMS Camellia (K31) Harland & Wolff 4th May 1940 Served as the merchant ship Hetty W Vinke from 1948.
HMS Campanula (K18) Fleming & Ferguson 23rd May 1940 Scrapped on 21st August 1947 at Dunston.
HMS Campion (K108) Crown, Clark 26th April 1941 Scrapped in May 1947 at Newport.
HMS Candytuft (K09) Grangemouth, NE Marine 8th July 1940 Served with the US Navy as Tenacity from 1942. Became merchant ship Maw Hwa in 1947.
HMS Carnation (K00) Grangemouth, NE Marine 3rd September 1940 Served with the Netherlands Navy as Frisio from 1943-45, became a merchant ship Southern Laurel in 1949.
HMS Celandine (K75) Grangemouth, Ailsa 28th December 1940 Scrapped in October 1947 at Portaferry.
HMS Chrysanthemum (K195) Harland & Wolff 11th April 1941 Served with the French Navy as Comandante Drogou in 1942. She became a merchant ship called Terje X in 1948, changing her name to Caravalho Araujo in 1959 when transferred to Portuguese ownership.
HMS Clarkia (K88) Harland & Wolff 7th March 1940 Scrapped in August 1947 at Hayle.

Flower Class Corvette HMS Clarkia

HMS Clarkia alongside K81 HMS Mallow.

Contributed by Tony smith, from his father's collection.

HMS Clematis (K36) Hill, Richardson Westgarth & Clark 22nd April 1940 Scrapped September 1949 at Charlestown.
HMS Clover (K134) Fleming & Ferguson 30th January 1941 Became a merchant ship called Cloverlock in 1947 before transferring to China as Kai Feng.
HMS Coltisfoot (K140) Hall 12th May 1941 Became merchant ship Alexandra in 1947, changing name to Hermopoulis in 1953. She was lost on 20th November 1954.
HMS Columbine (K94) Hill, Richardson Westgarth & Clark 13th August 1940 Became the merchant ship Lief Welding in 1949.
HMS Convolvulus (K45) Hill, Richardson Westgarth & Clark 21st September 1940 Scrapped on 5th October 1947 at Newport.
HMS Coriander (ex Iris) (K183) Hall Russell 9th June 1941 Served with the French Navy as Comandante Detroyat in 1942 and was finally scrapped in February 1948 at Troon.
HMS Coreopsis (K32) Inglis, Kincaid 23rd May 1940 Served with the Hellenic Navy as Kriezis from 1943-52. She was scrapped on 22nd July 1952 at Sunderland.
HMS Cowslip (K196) Harland & Wolff 28th May 1941 Scrapped in April 1949 at Troon.
HMS Crocus (K)49 Inglis, Kincaid 26th June 1940 Became the merchant ship Annlock in 1947 before being scrapped in Hong Kong during 1951.
HMS Cyclamen (K83) Lewis 20th June 1940 Became the merchant ship Southern Briar in 1948.
HMS Godetia II (ex Dart) (K226) Crown, Clark 24th September 1941 Scrapped in 1947 at Grays.
HMS Dianella (ex-Daffodil)  (K07) Lewis 3rd September 1940 Scrapped in June 1947 at Portaferry.
HMS Dahlia  (K59) Lewis 31st October 1940 Scrapped in October 1948 at Gelleswick Bay.
HMS Delphinium (K77) Robb, Ailsa 6th June 1940 Scrapped in February 1949 at Pembroke.
HMS Dianthus (K95) Robb, Ailsa 9th July 1940 Became the merchant ship Thorslep in 1950.
HMS Eglantine (K197) Harland & Wolff 11th June 1941 Served with the Norwegian Navy in 1941 before becoming the merchant ship Soroy in 1947.
HMS Erica (K50) Harland & Wolff 18th June 1940 Lost on 9th February 1943.
HMS Tamarisk (Ex Ettrick) (K216) Fleming & Ferguson 28th July 1941 Served with the Hellenic Navy as Tompazis in 1943, she was sold for scrapping in the UK on 20th March 1952.
HMS Freesia (K43) Harland & Wolff 3rd October 1940 Became the merchant ship Freelock in 1946 but was lost on 1st April 1947.
HMS Fritillary (K199) Harland & Wolff 22nd July 1941 Became the merchant ship Andria in 1947, changed name to V D Chidambaram in 1949 and was scrapped in 1955 in India.