USS Wyoming

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American battleship histories. American naval battleship USS Wyoming. Battleship website dedicated to the history of USS Wyoming from launch to participation in major wars also notice board for naval historians & families of ex-crew of USS Wyoming.

USS Wyoming.(BB32)

The Wyoming Class battleship was developed as one of three different alternatives, after the US president of the time President Theodore Roosevelt enquired if the US navy should go to a larger calibre Gun than the 12 - inch which was in use to a 14 - inch calibre as there were rumors that larger calibers were going to be produced by other nations in the near future including  the British navy which was producing a 13.5 -inch calibre Gun.  Finally  in was  chosen to stay with the 12 - inch calibre and having six turrets with two in each. instead of the 14 - inch as  this size of ship could be docked in naval facilities both sides of the continent, whereas the 14- inch designed being larger could only be docked at two locations (Pearl Harbor and Puget Sound).  The USS Wyoming was built by Cramp and was launched on the 25th May 1911 and commissioned into the US navy on the 25th September 1912. During the autumn of 1917 some of her secondary armament were removed bring the total to 16. When the Us entered the war USS Wyoming was detached to the British Grand Fleet in November 1917, and returned to the Us after the armistice. During the 1920's she was reconstructed to Burn Oil, and manly to provide better protection mostly to the underwater area and deck. After the 1930 London treaty The uSs Wyoming was used as a training ship, and some of her side armour and main guns were removed.  With the Us entering World war two after pearl harbor, there were plans to reinstate the Wyoming as a fully working battleship, but this failed and she spent most of the war continuing as a training ship and a AA experimental unit. She was finally stricken in 1947.

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USS Wyoming


USS Wyoming  circa 1913

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USS Wyoming Sent in by George Needham