USS Washington (BB56)

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Battleship histories. American naval battleship USS Washington. Battleship website dedicated to the history of USS Washington from launch to participation in major wars also notice board for families of ex-crew of USS Washington.

Built at Philadelphia Navy yard and laid down 14th une 1938 and l;auched 1st June 1940 and commissioned into the us navy 15th May 1941. and was ready for deployment March 1942. On the night of the 14th / 15th November 1942 USS Washington sunk the Japanese battlecruiser Kirishimaat during the Battle of Savo island. On the 1st February 1944  collided with the US battleship USS Indiana at Kwajelein and took three months to repair at Puget Sound.  De commissioned on the 27th June 1947  and stricken 1st June 1961. finally sold and scrapped on the 25th may 1961.

Displacement: 37,484    Speed: 28.0 knots   Compliment: 1880

Armament: Nine 16-inch guns in threes, twenty 5-inch guns in pairs, sixteen 1.1-inch guns in fours and 12 0.5-inch guns.  Three aircraft.