USS Kitty Hawk

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Naval history of American aircraft carrier USS Kitty Hawk of the Class. Aircraft carriers including  from their launch to their participation in major wars also notice board for naval historians & families of ex-crew of the aircraft carriers USS Kitty Hawk

USS Kitty Hawk, built by New York SB. Laid down on 27th December 1956 (the first of the class) and launched 21st may 1960. and commissioned into the Us navy on the 9th June 1961. It was considered that the USS Kitty Hawk should be nuclear powered but it was considered to new a power plant for a major part of the US sea borne Strike for at that time.  During her first tour of Vietnam USS kitty hawk suffered a machinery room fire which was quickly brought under control  damaged caused was not bad enough o end her deployment. On 29th April 1973 she was re designated CV -63 and joined the Pacific Fleet
Displacement: 60,100 to 61,060 tons standard, and a deep load 78,250 tons to 79,500 tons.  Speed  33 knots, range 12,000 nautical miles at 20 knots. Missiles  4 terrier missiles. Aircraft 87. Crew 4,500