USS Alabama

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Photographs and history of the Illinois Battleship of the United States Navy, USS Alabama, from its launch in 1898 until its use as a target in 1921.

USS Alabama BB8 built by Cramp and launched 18th May 1898 and commissioned 16th October 1900. Finally sunk as target in 1921.

USS Alabama 18th May 1898 Used as a target and sunk in 1921.

The USS Alabama seen here in dry dock at the Brooklyn Navy Yard was the largest addition to the American Navy in 1900. Like all the battleships bar one, she was named after a State but also her name commemorated the commerce raider that did so much damage to the North. At this time (1900) the Americans began building many more battleships and her shipyards were busy.

USS Alabama.  Sent in by John Hodgett.

USS Alabama

USS Alabama, 1906.  Sent in by John Hodgett.

USS Alabama  BB8

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USS Alabama BB8

USS Alabama, 1916.

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