Prinz Heinrich

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Prinz Heinrich, was a faster but lightly armoured variation of the Furst Bismarck Heavy Cruiser. The  Prinz Heinrich was intended to serve in the Overseas stations. The Prinz Heinrich was intended to be the first of a total of 16 heavy cruisers for service in the German Colonies and to replace the old cruisers which were stationed there. Built at Kiel Dockyard, and laid down in 1898, launched 22nd march 1900 and competed 11th March 1902.  Work was started in 1914 at Kiel for refit. but this was stopped  in 1916 when she was disarmed and used as a engineers training ship and  a depot ship at Kiel.  she was finally sold for scrap to Audorf Rendsburg in 1920.

Displacement  9652 tons -,  speed:   20.5 knots,  Compliment 594.  Armament: Four 210mm (9.4inch) (2x2)  Ten 150mm (5.9-inch)  Twelve 88mm (3.4inch)  and four Machine Guns  Four Torpedo Tubes  1 submerged in the bow, Two submerged in the beam and One above water line in the stern.

SMS Prinz Heinrich 

SMS Prinz Heinrich.

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Prinz Heinrich

Prinz Heinrich circa 1910