USS New Jersey (BB62)

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American battleship histories. American naval battleship USS New Jersey. Battleship website dedicated to the history of USS New Jersey from their launch to their participation in major wars also notice board for naval historians & families of ex-crew of USS New Jersey.

USS New Jersey  was built at Philadelphia Navy yard and laid down on the 16th September 1940 and launched on the 7th December 1942 and commissioned into the US navy on the 23rd May 1943. She was used in the Pacific theatre for the remaining part of world war two, and used mainly in Aircraft carrier escort duties. Taken off the active list before the Korean War but serving as fire support ships before being put into reserve by 1957. Taken out of reserve and refitted to become fire support during Vietnam War.  The US Navy wanted these ships back in service although modernization costs would be huge.  all were  reactivated between 1982 and 1988

USS New Jersey passes by the Victory's anchor as she enters Southsea.

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