Modern Royal Navy

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Photographs of the Modern Navy showing HMS London, HMS Beaver, HMS Walney and HMS Quorn. These pictures were taken near Faslane Naval Base in 2002 and show a number of Frigates and Submarines some of which are unknown. If you can help identify these ships please contact us by e-mail: 

We would like to thank Anne Stewart from Helensburgh Photographic Society who supplied some of these photographs.

HM Hovercraft Wellington BHN7.  Spithead, 1976.

Photographed by George Mortimore L.R.P.S  Copyright Cranston Fine Arts.  A reproduction of this original photo  size 10" x 7" approx available.  Order photograph here  . Order Code  GM151

NATO Vessel Alliance

Survey Ship HMS Colonel Templar

Minesweeper HMS Walney

Minesweeper HMS Quorn

RFA Fort Rosalie photographed at the Tail o' the Bank on the River Clyde,  September 2003.

Falkland Islands Patrol Vessel HMS Sentinel

RN Minesweeper based at Faslane.  Photographed 2004

RN Frigate.  Identity unknown.  Recent visit to Faslane, 2004.