Mitscher Class

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Mitscher Class Fleet Escort Destroyers.  Photographs and history of the Fleet Escort Destroyers of the Mitscher Class, including USS Mitscher, USS John S McCain, USS Willis A Lee and USS Wilkinson. 
(DL2) USS Mitscher 26th January 1952 Stricken 1st June 1978
(DL3) USS John S McCain 12th July 1952 Stricken 29th April 1978
(DL4) USS Willis A Lee 26th January 1952 Decommissioned 1969, Stricken 15th May 1972
(DL5) USS Wilkinson 23rd April 1952 Decommissioned 1969, Stricken 1st May 1974

USS Mitscher

USS Mitscher (DL2), clearing from RFA Regent, North Atlantic, October 1975.

Photographed by George Mortimore L.R.P.S  Copyright Cranston Fine Arts.  A reproduction of this original photo  size 10" x 7" approx available.  Order photograph here  . Order Code  GM216