Manning the Guns

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Photographs from around 1900  of the royal naval personnel onboard Battleships and heavy Cruisers. showing sailors involved in tasks to do with the main guns, secondary armament and  ammunition on board the ships.  

Channel Fleet : Dismounting 6-in. Gun for Examination (HMS Hermes)

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Channel Fleet : 6-in QF Gun "Ready"

A 12-pounder in the Battery

The 9.2-in Gun : "Stations clean Guns"

A Maxim Class at the Sheerness Gunnery School. 1896

Here we have a class of bluejackets at the gunnery school at Sheerness, taking a lesson in Maxim gun construction.  Thorough is the watchword of the Royal Navy in everything; and our sailors learn, not only how to handle to best advantage the weapons put at their disposal, but they also have to understand all about them - their make, fitting and internal arrangements.  High over Jack at school, in an angle of the walls, towers the giant figure head of a mighty Man of War of the olden time, a relic that ere long will be rare indeed, for our newest ships show no figure head at all.

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Quick Firing Gun Drill at the Sheerness Gunnery School. 1896.

The Sheerness School of Gunnery, from which a class of bluejackets are shown above at drill with a quick firing gun, is a comparatively new Institution, founded within the last three years for the instruction of the men in the Naval Barracks at Chatham and Sheerness.  Wherever naval classes are under training nowadays, particular attention is paid to the handling of the quick firing gun, whose value in action, whether against the torpedo boat, or in ship to ship battles, is universally admitted as a matter of the first importance.

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67 ton guns mounted en barbette. c.1892.

Six inch quick-firer and shield, designed by Sir W. Armstrong, Mitchell & Co.

Channel Fleet : The 12-in Gun

12-pr Gun on Boat Deck

Life in the Navy. Working the QF Guns

Taking ammunition on board a battleship in the early 20th Century. (1901)