King George V

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Royal Navy battleship HMS King George V.  Battleship website dedicated to the history of HMS King George V from its launch to its participation in major wars.  Also notice board for families of ex-crew of HMS King George V.

HMS King George V, 1947.

Many thanks to Al Bamber

HMS King George V, 1946.

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HMS King George V in the Gareloch, Faslane, September 1954.

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H.M.S. King George V on exercises off N. Ireland Nov. 1946. Photograph supplied by David Mitchell.

HMS King George V launched on the 21st February 1939. Served in the Home fleet between 1939 to 1943 during this time took part in the pursuit of Bismarck in May 1941, and operated on the Murmansk Convoy run. Operated in 1943 with Force H. In July 1944, HMS King George V underwent a long refit, and in the autumn of 1944, went to the Pacific theatre to operate with the US Navy. In 1946 HMS King George V went into Reserve Fleet, and on the 20th January 1958 was scrapped at Dalmuir and Troon.

Displacement: 35,000    Speed: 28.0kt    Complement: 1,553 - 1,558

Armament: Ten 14 - inch guns, Sixteen 5.25 inch guns,   forty-eight 2pdr anti-aircraft guns.

HMS King George V

Photo supplied by Carl Proctor

HMS King George V, 1940s.

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Samson Holman and other crew members aboard King George V  (see message board).  Photo supplied by 'Sammy'

The three photos were supplied by Neil Wilson whose Grandfather George Monk served on King George V as a storeman.

HMS King George V fires a volley.

Series of 5 photographs showing sailors of King George V at the signing of a peace treaty at the end of WWII. 


Able seaman Edward William Booth p/jx298108 (with scroll).  Sent in by Brian Booth.

Edward William Booth and another sailor from King George V. Sent in by Brian Booth.

Edward William Booth and other sailors from King George V. Sent in by Brian Booth.