HMS Glowworm

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HMS Glowworm  a member of the G, and H, class destroyers. Built by Thornycroft and launched on the 22nd July 1935.  HMS Glowworm was the first to have quintuple Torpedo Tubes.. and as the rest of the class was adaptable for rapid conversion to mine laying duties. Served in the Mediterranean at the out break of world war two returning to Home waters in late 1939.  Sunk on the 8th April 1940 by German heavy Cruiser Hipper. HMS Glowworm, burning severely after receiving hits from the mighty Admiral Hipper, is depicted turning to begin her heroic sacrifice off the Norwegian coast on 8th April 1940. Hugely out-gunned and already crippled, Glowworm's captain, Lieutenant-Commander Roope rammed his destroyer into the side of the Admiral Hipper, inflicting a 40 metre rip in its armour belt before drifting away and exploding. 38 British sailors were rescued from the sea and Roope was awarded a posthumous VC for his bravery, the first earned by the Royal Navy in WWII.

Displacement: 1,345 tons.  Speed: 35.5 knots.   Compliment: 145  armament: Four 4.7 inch main armament in single turrets Eight  .5 -inch AA guns and ten 21-inch Torpedo Tubes, in two groups of five.


HMS Glowworm.

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HMS Glowworm.      ?Walker Archive

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