HMS Benbow

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HMS Benbow.   Royal Naval battleship of the Admiral Class.  HMS  BENBOW.   laid down 1st November 1882 at Thames iron works, Blackwall. and launched 15th June 1885 and finally commissioned into the royal navy in June 1888.  She was the last of the admiral class Barbette battleships mounting two 16.25 inch  guns in single fittings..  She served in the Mediterranean from 1888 to 1891. then transferring to become a coastguard ship off Greenock (Scotland) from 1894 to 1904  9exzcept for a short period in 1893 when she was re commissioned for manoeuvres). HMS Benbow was finally from for scrapping in 1909 

Displacement: 10,600 tons.     I.H.P: 11,500.     Length: 330 ft.     Beam: 68ft 6 in.     Speed: 16.9 knots.    Complement: 515.    Max draught: 27ft 3 in.   Armament: four 67 ton guns, four 6 in guns, twelve 6 pounder guns and ten 3 pounder quick-firers.  Partial belt of 18 in composite armour.

HMS Benbow - Name History

The second ?Benbow? was a 12-gun twin-screw battleship, launched at Blackwall in 1885.  She was of 10,600 tons, 11,500 horsepower, and carried a crew of 525 men.  She was of 17.5 knots speed, and her length, beam, and draft were 330ft, 68 ? ft, and 28ft.  She was a noteworthy ship, in that although of the ?Admiral? class, she differed to them by carrying two 16.25? III-ton guns.  In 1909, after some year?s service at port guard ship at Greenock, this battleship was sold for ?21,200.

HMS Benbow, 1888.

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HMS Benbow pictured pre 1896

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HMS Benbow c.1902

HMS Benbow fitting out, 1888.

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HMS Benbow, 25th June, 1897