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History of the Royal Naval third class cruiser HMS Bellona. HMS Bellona was commissioned at Devonport in 1894 and served in the Royal Navy's Channel Squadron, and in 1906 HMS Bellona was sold.

Displacement: 1,830 tons.    I.H.P: 4,700    Length: 280 feet.    Beam: 35ft.   Maximum draught: 13 ft 3ins.   Speed: 17 knots.

HMS Bellona - Name History

The sixteenth ?Bellona? was a 6-gun twin-screw cruiser, launched at Hepburn in 1890.  She was 1830 tons, 4700 horsepower, and 19 knots speed.  Her length, beam , and draught were 280ft, 35ft, and 13ft. In 1906 the ?Bellona? was sold.

The Bellona was a steel third-class cruiser of the Naval Defence Act Programme, and was launched in 1890. She was built by contract at the yard of Messrs. Hawthorne, Leslie & Co., at Newcastle, and engined by the same firm. The Bellona was commissioned at Devonport in August 1894 for service with the Channel Squadron and carried the pennant of Commander Paul W Bush.

HMS Bellona of the Channel Squadron while on duty in the North Sea.

HMS Bellona

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Origins of the name:

Bellona: In Roman mythology, the Goddess of war, and the wife of Mars. In her temple at Rome, the senators gave audience to foreign ambassadors and to generals returned from war. At the gate was a small column, called the "Column of War", against which was thrown a spear whenever war was declared against and enemy.

Battle History: of the ships which had the name Bellona

  • Jenkin's Ear (Austrian Succession)-
    • 1748 Captured the French Duc de Chatres.
    • 1748 Captured the French Grand Biche
  • The Seven Years' War
    • 1758 Affair at St Martin's Bay.
    • 1761 Captured French Courageux
    • "Damn your blood, you scoundrel"
  • The War of American Independence
    • 1780 Assisted to capture the Dutch Princess Caroline.
    • 1782 The Relief of Gibraltar.
    • 1782 Howe's action with the Franco-Spaniards off Cape Spartel.
  • The Wars of the French Revolution and Empire
    • 1795 Assisted to capture French Duras.
    • 1795 Captured French Bellona.
    • 1797 The capture of Trinidad.
    • 1797 Boat attack at Puerto Rico.
    • 1797 The bombardment of San Juan.
    • 1799 Action with French squadron off Cape Sicie.
    • 1801 Nelson's bombardment of Copenhagen.
    • 1806 Assisted to capture French Impetueux.
    • 1809 Action in Basque Roads.
    • 1809 The Walcheren expedition.
    • 1810 Captured the Spanish Heros du Nord.