HMS Achillies

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History of  Royal Navy cruisers (heavy cruisers, light cruisers). Royal Navy cruiser website featuring the Leander Class cruiser HMS Achillies including crew and families of ex-crew members notice board for the cruiser HMS Achillies.

HMS Achilles 1st September 1932 Sold to India 1948.

HMS Achilles sent in by Warren Swaine

HMS Achilles a Leander Class Cruiser built by Cammell Laird  and laid down on the 11th June 1931, launched 1st september 1932 and completed 6th October 1933, served with the new Zealand Navy from 1937 to 1943,  HMS Achilles served in the South Atlantic 1939 taking a major role in the battle of the River Plate against the Graf Spee, firing a total of 1242 6-inch shells in the action. receiving splinter damage from near misses.   Loaned to the newly formed New Zealand navy  (along with her sister ship HMS Leander) 1940 to 1943, returning to the home Fleet 1943 - 1944 and then to the Pacific Fleet in 1945.  In 1948 she was sold to the Indian Navy and renamed Delhi. arriving there after refit in September 1948. In the 1953 film Battle of the River Plate she played her self in the film. She again saw service in the action to seize Goa by a small naval force in 1961. Seeing no further service until1969 when she visited Australia, new Zealand and Fiji. after which she was based on harbor duty at Cochin finally being paid of in 1977


Specifications for HMS Achilles


Displacement: 7,030 tons   Speed: 32.5kt    Complement: 550

Armament: Eight 6 inch guns in pairs. Eight 4 inch anti-aircraft guns in pairs and eight 2pdr anti-aircraft guns in pairs as well as twelve 0.5 inch machine guns in fours.   Eight 21 inch torpedo tubes in pairs and 1 aircraft.

HMS Achilles at Malta 1939.  

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HMS Achilles which was home for many Wairarapa members shown below. HMS Achilles arrives at Auckland harbor February 23rd 1940. after the River Plate Victory on December 13th 1939. This was the First British warship to go into action manned by New Zealanders. 

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HMS Achilles

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HMS Achilles

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HMS Achilles.

Picture of Jack one of the crew on Achilles, sent in by Eileen.

We have tried to make out the names of the sailors below but may have them wrong.

Mr. Blatchy/Blackly

Mr. Brash

Mr. Gray

Mr. Kane

Mr. Maidmenit

Mr. A Jolly

Mr. Renney

Mr. S Hood