HMS Furious

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Royal naval battlecruiser HMS Furious converted to a semi-carrier during 1917 and finally emerging as a flush decked aircraft carrier. Battleship website dedicated to the history of HMS Furious from launch to participation in major wars also notice board for families of ex-crew of HMS Furious.


.HMS Furious  was third battlecruiser (following on form HMS Glorious and HMS Courageous)  to be given Two 18-inch guns  (one each fore and aft turrets) , the turret rings were made the same size as the rings for the 15-inch gun turrets in case problems arose with the 18- inch guns. HMS Furious was nearly completed at Elswick, when the Admiralty  decided on the 19th march 1917, to modify the battlecruiser, with a slopping flying off deck  which extended to the forecastle, also fitted with two derricks for hoisting aircraft aboard.  The ship was completed with the flight deck and one foreword turret on the 4th July 1917 when she joined the Fleet. A few months later on the 4th July 1917, a more drastic conversion was added giving her an after flight deck, making her a full aircraft carrier.  SEE HMS Furious the Aircraft Carrier

Displacement: 19,513   Speed: 31.5 knots   Compliment: 880  Armament: two 18-inch guns in pairs, eleven 5.5 inch guns, two 3 inch guns , four 3 pdr guns and two 21 inch torpedo tubes.

HMS Furious the light battlecruiser with the fwd flying off platform (circa 1917).  This configuration was not a complete success and so in 1918 the rear 18" gun was removed and a rear flying on deck fitted.  This was less a success, formulating in the eventual rebuild to a flush deck carrier.    Image and information : Carl Proctor