Cruisers Pre 1906

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Information on US Cruisers Pre 1906

List of Cruisers and Armoured cruisers constructed before 1906.  Includes early Wooden Screw Frigates as far back as 1864 to the Tennessee Class Armoured Cruisers of 1906.  Photographs and histories of classes and individual ships available on links throughout the list (Click View Class or a ship's name) where available.  Also message boards for several ships and classes where crew member's relatives, naval enthusiasts etc can leave messages etc.

Ship's Name Launch Date Fate
Wooden Screw Frigates
Wampanoag Class
Ammonoosuc 21st July 1864 Sold in 1883.
Madawasksa 8th July 1865 Renamed Tennessee c. 1869. Sold in 1886
Wampanoag 15th December 1864 Sold in 1885.
Chattanooga 13th October 1864 Sunk after drifting ice put a hole in her keel in December 1871.
Idaho 8th October 1864 She was converted to a sailing ship after trials proved she was a failure. Sold in 1874.
Java Class
Antietam 13th November 1875 Sold in 1888.
Guerriere 9th September 1865 Sold in 1872.
Minnetonka 3rd July 1867 Renamed California on 15th May 1869. Sold in 1875
Piscataqua 11th June 1866 Renamed Delaware on 15th May 1869. Sank in 1876.
Contoocook Class
Contoocook 3rd December 1864 Renamed Albany on 15th May 1869. Sold in 1872.
Manitou Unknown Renamed Worcester on 15th May 1869. Sold in 1883.
Mosholu 22nd December 1867 Renamed Severn on 15th May 1869. Sold in 1877.

USS Mosholu.  After being renamed Severn.

Reproduction of this photo   by permission of Walker Archives. Photographic image size 10" x 7" approx , and mounted price ?20 plus ?3 post for UK ?10 overseas, recorded airmail order photograph here

Pushmataha 17th July 1868 Renamed Cambridge on 15th May 1869 and again on 10th August 1869 as Congress. Sold in 1883.
Trenton 1st January 1876 Wrecked during a typhoon on 16th March 1889.
Ossipee Class
Adirondack 22nd February 1862 Wrecked on 23rd August 1862.
Housatonic 20th November 1861 Sunk by a torpedo from Hunley on 17th December 1864. The first ship ever sunk by torpedo.
Juniata 20th March 1862 Sold in 1891.
Ossipee 16th November 1861 Took part in battle at Mobile Bay. Sold in 1891.
Sacramento Class
Canandaigua 28th March 1862 Scrapped in 1884.
Monongahela 10th July 1862 Destroyed by fire on 17th March 1908.

USS Monongahela

Reproduction of this photo   by permission of Walker Archives. Photographic image size 10" x 7" approx , and mounted price ?20 plus ?3 post for UK ?10 overseas, recorded airmail order photograph here

Sacramento 28th April 1862 Wrecked on 19th June 1867.
Shenandoah 8th December 1862 Sold in 1887.
Ticonderoga Class
Lackawanna 9th August 1862 Sold in 1887.
Ticonderoga 16th October 1862 Sold in 1887.
Alaska Class
Alaska 31st October 1868. Sold in 1883.
Algoma 18th August 1868 Renamed Benicia on 15th May 1869. Sold in 1884.
Astoria 10th June 1869 Renamed Omaha on 10th August 1869. Sold in 1915.
Kenosha 1868 Renamed Plymouth on 15th May 1869. Scrapped in 1884.
Galena & Vandalia Class
Galena 1879 Sold in 1892.
Marion 1873 Sold in 1907.
Mohican 27th December 1883 Sold in 1922.
Quinnebaug 28th September 1875 Sold in 1891.
Swatara 17th September 1873 Sold in 1896.
Vandalia 23rd October 1874 Wrecked after a typhoon pushed her onto reefs on 16th March 1889.
Kearsarge Class
Kearsarge 11th September 1861 Sank the confederate raider Alabama on 19th June 1864. Wrecked on 2nd February 1894.
Oneida 20th November 1861 Took part in the battle of Mobile later collided with the steamer City of Bombay on 24th January 1870.
Tuscarora 24th August 1861 Sold in 1883.
Wachusett 10th October 1861 Captured confederate raider Florida on 7th October 1864. Sold in 1887.
Swatara Class
Nantasket 15th August 1867 Sold in 1883.
Quinnebaug 31st March 1866 Scrapped in 1871.
Resaca 18th November 1865 Sold in 1873.
Swatara 23rd May 1865 Scrapped in 1872.
Enterprise Class
Adams 1876 Sold in 1920.
Alliance 3rd March 1875 Sold in 1911.
Enterprise 13th June 1874 Sold in 1909.
Nipsic 1878 Sold in 1913.
Essex Unknown Sold in 1930.

USS Essex

Reproduction of this photo   by permission of Walker Archives. Photographic image size 10" x 7" approx , and mounted price ?20 plus ?3 post for UK ?10 overseas, recorded airmail order photograph here
Alert Class
Alert September 1874 Sold in 1922
Huron (2nd) 1874 Wrecked 24th November 1877
Ranger 1876 Stricken 1940


Atlanta Class             View Class
Atlanta 9th October 1884 Sold in 1912.
Boston 4th December 1884 Renamed Despatch in August 1940. Scuttled on 8th April 1946.
Chicago 5th December 1885 Renamed Alton in July 1928. Foundered on 8th July 1936.
Vesuvius 28th April 1888 Originally a dynamite gun cruiser she became an experimental torpedo boat. Sold in 1921.
Newark (C1) 19th March 1890 Sold in 1926.
Charleston (C2) 19th July 1888 Damaged beyond repair after grounding on a reef off the Philippines on 2nd November 1899.
Baltimore (C3) 6th October 1888 Sold in 1942.
Philadelphia (C4) 7th September 1889 Sold in 1927.

USS Philadelphia in the Puget Sound

San Francisco (C5) 14th August 1889 Renamed Tahoe and then Yosemite in 1930 and 1931. Sold in 1939.
Olympia (C6) 5th November 1892 Preserved as a monument.
Katahdin 4th February 1893 Originally an armoured ram she was used as an experimental target and sunk in 1909.
Cincinnati Class                   View Class
Cinncinati (C7) 10th November 1892 Sold in 1921.
Raleigh (C8) 31st March 1892 Sold in 1921.

Montgomery Class              View Class

Montgomery (C9) 5th December 1891 Renamed Anniston in March 1918. Sold in 1919.
Detroit (C10) 28th October 1891 Sold in 1910.
Marblehead (C11) 11th August 1892 Sold in 1921.
Columbia Class                   View Class
Columbia (C12) 26th July 1892 Sold in 1922.
Minneapolis (C13) 12th August 1893 Sold in 1921.
New Orleans Class                          View Class
New Orleans 4th December 1896 Sold in 1930.
Albany 14th January 1899 Sold in 1930.
Denver Class                           Click Here to View
Denver (C14) 21st June 1902 Sold in 1933.
Des Moines (C15) 20th September 1903 Sold in 1930.
Chattanooga (C16) 7th March 1903 Sold in 1930.
Galveston (C17) 23rd July 1903 Sold in 1933.
Tacoma (C18) 2nd June 1903 Wrecked on 16th January 1924.
Cleveland (C19) 28th September 1901 Sold in 1930.
Chester Class                        View Class
Chester (CS1) 26th June 1907 Renamed York on 10th July 1928. Sold in 1930.
Birmingham (CS2) 29th May 1907 Sold in 1930.
Salem (CS3) 27th July 1907 Sold in 1930.

Armoured Cruisers 

USS New York (ACR2) 2nd December 1891 Renamed Saratoga on 16th February 1911 and then Rochester on 1st December 1919. After WWI became Asiatic Fleet flagship and then the Station ship in Manilla Bay. Stricken in 1938 and laid up in the Philippines. During WWII she was scuttled (December 1941) to stop her falling into Japanese hands.
USS Brooklyn (ACR3) 2nd October 1895 Sold 1921.
Pennsylvania Class                  View Class
Pennsylvania (ACR4) 22nd August 1903 Renamed Pittsburgh on 27th August 1912. Sold in 1931.
West Virginia (ACR5) 18th April 1903 Renamed Huntington on 11th November 1916. Sold in 1930.
California (ACR6) 28th April 1904 Renamed San Diego on 1st September 1914. Sunk by mine or torpedo on 19th July 1918.
Colorado (ACR7) 25th April 1903 Renamed Pueblo on 9th November 1916. Sold in 1930.
Maryland (ACR8) 12th September 1903 Renamed Frederick on 9th November 1916. Sold in 1930.
South Dakota (ACR9) 21st July 1904 Renamed Huron on 7th June 1920. Sold in 1930.
St Louis Class                     View Class
St Louis (C20) 6th May 1905 Sold in 1930.
Milwaukee (C21) 10th September 1904 Wrecked on 13th January 1917.
Charleston (C22) 23rd January 1904 Sold in 1930.
Tennessee Class                  View Class
Tennessee (ACR10) 3rd December 1904 Renamed Memphis on 25th May 1916. Wrecked by a huge Tsunami on 29th August 1916.
Washington (ACR11) 18th March 1905 Renamed Seattle on 9th November 1916. Sold in 1946.
North Carolina (ACR12) 6th October 1906 Renamed Charlotte on 7th June 1920. Sold in 1930.
Montana (ACR13) 15th December 1906 Renamed Missoula on 7th June 1920. Sold in 1930.