Zeppelin Airship

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German Zeppelin airships. Zeppelins from L1 to LZ85. German zeppelin airships were used for bombing Britain and the Mediterranean theatre. Many zeppelins were shot down including LZ85 in Greece and L31 in Potter's Bar. The Victoria Cross was awarded to Royal Navy Flight Sub Lieutenant Warneford for shooting down L31. Zeppelin L32 was shot down by 2nd Lt Sowerby of No.39 home defence squadron Royal Flying Corps on 23rd September 1916. Zeppelin bases included Witmundshaven.

Zeppelin LZ 85 brought down in the mouth of the Vardar River, Greece by the Allied Fleet. Sent in by Margaret Roper

Zeppelin Base at Witmundshaven

Graf Zeppelin at Rio de Janeiro.  Taken from HMS Durban while on a cruise.

Some of the bombs carried on LZ85. Sent in by Margaret Roper

Zeppelin LZ85 crashed and burned by the White Tower (built in the 13th Century). Sent in by Margaret Roper

German Zeppelin No.4 at Lunneville, 5th April 1915 (or 1913).

Zeppelin at Lunneville c.1915

A pair of Zeppelins in a hangar.