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Yakumo, Japanese armoured cruiser.  Built in 1899 and not scrapped until 1947.  Photos and history of the Japanese cruiser Yakumo
Yakumo 8th July 1899 Scrapped 1947

HIJMS Yakumo

The Yakumo was order under the second Naval expansion Programme of 1896 and was the only cruiser to be built in Germany. (Germany had been building ships for China, Japans recent enemy). One stipulation though was for the ship to be armed with with British Elwick Guns, as to keep he ship compatible to ammunition. Built by Vulcan at Stettin and laid down march 1898 and launched 8th July 1899 and completed 20th June 1900. Took part in the Battle of Tsushima and played a major role in the sinking of Admiral Ushakov. in 1920 she was moved to training ship duties. eventually being scrapped in 1947

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Yakumo. Sent in by Gary Fletcher