Assari Tevfik Class

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Assar- i- Tevfik was originally and Egyptian ship by was taken over by the Ottoman Empire to serve with the Turkish Navy. She was at one time the flagship of Vice-Admiral Arif Hikmet Pasha. She took part in the Dardanelles operation on 18th January 1913 and was damaged by gun fire and later received more damage from Bulgarian guns and eventually became a wreck on 25th January 1913.

Seamen of the Assar-i-Tevfik at cutlass drill. The Assari-Tevfik was a larger ship than the Shevket class with a displacement of 4,687 tons and was more heavily armed with ten Krupp guns of 9.4 in and 8.2 in. In 1897 she was the flagship of Vice-Admiral Arif Hikmet Pasha, whose brother, Captain Ghalib Bey was naval attach鍊 in England. Physical drills and drills with side arms formed a large part of the practical training on all warships at this time.

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