Tegetthoff 1878

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  Tegetthoff centre Battery ship was the design of Von Romako's his idea was to have the main guns positioned in a citadel each side being designed as a "bow battery" ship, this would mean could be aimed and fired while ramming or in pursuit of enemy shipping. they were also positioned to give overlapping fire arcs. Each of the main guns were fully protected  with heavy armour. and the ammunition was positioned directly below the guns.  In her major refit she was converted to twin screws and new Schichau engines were installed.  Two new Military ,masts were fitted and her the old masts removed. She served as Harbour guard ship at Pola form 1897.being renamed The Mars in 1912 after the first world war she was ceded to Italy and finally scrapped in 1920

Displacement: 7,400 tons.   Complement: 578.  (525 before reconstruction)   Length: 285.5 ft.   Breadth: 62 ft.   Depth: 25 ft.   Armament: six 9.4 inch guns, five 6 inch guns, fifteen 3 pdr guns, four 1 pdr guns and four torpedo tubes.

Tegetthoff Schematic