Spanish Frigates

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Spanish Frigates.  List of all Spanish frigates, photos and launch dates, including Baleares Class frigates and Descubierta Class frigates.

BALEARES class frigates                    View Class

Andalucia 30th March 1971 In service.
Asturias 13th May 1972 In service.
Baleares 20th August 1970 In service.
Cataluna 3rd November 1971 In service.
Extremadura 21st November 1972 In service.

DESCUBIERTA class frigates                  View Class

Cazadora 17th October 1978 In service.
Descubierta 8th July 1975 In service 1995
Diana 26th January 1976 In service 1995
Infanta Cristina 25th April 1977 In service 1995
Infanta Elena 14th September 1976 In service 1995
Vencedora 24th April 1979 In service 1995

US OLIVER HAZARD PERRY class frigates                    View Class  

Numancia 30th January 1987 In service.
Reina Sofia 19th July 1989 In service.
Santa Maria 24th November 1984 In service.
Victoria 23rd July 1986 In service.
Navarra 23rd October 1992 In service.
Canarias 21st June 1993 In service.