Spanish Battleships

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Spanish battleships and armoured ships.  Battleships and armoured ships of the Spanish Navy, from 1863 to 1937, including Espana, Alfonso XIII, Jaime I and Pelayo.

Armoured Ships

Numancia  (broadside Ironclad)  La Seyne  19th November 1863 Broken Up 1920


Contributed by Rafael Galvan Diaz.

Tetuan    (Wooden Broadside Ironclad Ferrol launched during 1863 Blown up 30th December 1873
Vitoria  (battery Ironclad) Thames Iron Works 4th November 1865 Broken Up 1910
Arapiles (wooden Ironclad) Green Blackwall launched during 1864 stricken 1873
Zaragoza  (wooden Ironclad) Cartagena launched during 1867 stricken 1899
Sagunto  (Wooden Ironclad) Ferrol Launched in 1869 Unknown Fate
Mendez Nunez (Wooden Ironclad) Builder Unknown Launched 1869 Fate Unknown


Pelayo  (Barbette Ship) La Seyne 5th February 1887 Broken Up 1925

Espana Class 

Espana Ferrol 5th February 1912 Wrecked 26th August 1923

Spanish Battleship Espana pictured May 1934.

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Alfonso XIII Ferrol 7th May 1913 Mined 30th April 1937
Jaime I Ferrol 21st September 1914 Lost 17th June 1937