Assari Shevket Class

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Ottoman Empire battleships Assari Shevket and Nedjimi Shevket were launched in 1868. Only Nedjimi Shevket saw service during the first world war, Assari was broken up in 1910, and afterwards served as a depot ship before being broken up after 1929.

The photograph shows crew on board the Turkish ship Nedjim i Shevket. The ship was a central battery ship of 2,080 tons with one 9 in gun and four 7 in guns (Armstrong's) as well as smaller, lighter guns. The picture shows the stern of the ship as the men are being exercised with the commander standing in the foreground. A bugler has blown the 'still' at which all crew cease work and stand ready for the next command.

Photo printed in 1897 magazine 8" x 5" Price ?15 order code C28