Prinz Eugen

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History of the Prinz Eugen .

The heavy Cruiser Prinz Eugen, part of the Hipper class  (second group.) it was intended to have two sister ships Seydlitz and Lutzow both never completed.  The Prinz Eugen  built at Germaniawerft at Kiel and launched on the 22nd August 1936 and commissioned 1st August 1940.   She accompanied the Bismarck on the Bismarck's breakout into the Atlantic, but escaped, later she returned to the Atlantic with the Scharnhorst and Gneisenau from Brest to Germany. After Germany's surrender the Prinze Eugen was ceded to the USA at the Potsdam agreement. The Us Navy crew although trained by Kriegsmarine personnel, were unable to maintain the Prinz Eugen's machinery and a complete breakdown occurred  with the ship needing to be towed the rest of the way to Pearl harbor. She was used as a target in the A bomb tests during operation Crossroads. being the target in two tests, "Able" and "Baker".  The Prinz Eugen survived both tests without structural damage but being contaminated. She was towed to Kwajalein and decommissioned. On the 21st December due to damage she started to list, unable to correct the situation the Prinz Eugen was towed to Enunuj reef  where she capsized and sank at position 167 Degrees 41 East and 8 degrees 44 south where she remains to this day.

Displacement:  16974 standard, fully loaded 19,050 tons.  Speed: 32.5 knots  Compliment 1600

Armament:  eight 203mm 60 calibre guns in four pairs.  twelve 105mm in six pairs.  twelve 37mm in six pairs    Eight 20mm  and twelve 533mm Torpedo Tubes in four groups of three tubes. also carried three aircraft.