SMS Pommern

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SMS Pommern of the Deutschland class launched between 1904-1906 were the last German pre-dreadnought battleships. The rate of fire for their 6.7 inch guns was slow due to the handling of the 154 lb weight of the shells.

SMS Pommern was built by A G Vulcan launched at Stettin. on the 2nd December 1905 and commissioned into the German navy o the 6th August 1907.  Pommern was torpedoed and sunk during the Battle of Jutland . at 0313 hours on the 1st June 1916. by a destroyer of the 12th flotilla Royal Navy. with the loss 839 dead.  part of the wreck has been broken up after 1957 with the  non ferrous and armour removed.  The Bow ornament ins now housed at the Naval Memorial Laboe. 


Displacement: 13,200 tons   Speed: 18 knots     Range 5830 miles at 10 knots.      Complement:  743  

Armament: Four 11 inch guns in pairs. Fourteen 6.7 inch guns. Twenty 3.4 inch guns. Six 18 inch torpedo tubes (1 bow, 4 beam, 1 stern) all submerged.


SMS Pommern

SMS Pommern

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Deutschland 19th November 1904 BU 1920-22

29th September 1905

BU 1944-46


2nd December 1905 Torpedoed 1st June 1916
Schlesien 28th May 1906 Scuttled 5th May 1945
Schleswig-Holstein 7th December 1906 Bombed 18th December 1944, raised  broken up after the 1947