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Spanish Battleship Pelayo

Photograph of crew on board on the fore castle of the Pelayo.  Note one crew manning a 4.7 inch gun

The Pelayo was armed with 2 x 12.5", 2 x 11", 1 x 6.4" and 12 x 4.7" guns, and 5 x 6 pounder QF.  14 machine guns and 7 torpedo tubes.

The Pelayo, Spain's Largest and Most Powerful Warship of her Day.

Original high quality naval magazine photograph published May 1898. Image 8" x 10" price ?15.  Order code 6/178.

The Crew of the Pelayo in 1898 at the outbreak of the Hispano - American War.


Contributed by Rafael Galvan Diaz.

Battleship Pelayo at Suez, 1898 during the Spanish-American War.

Named after the first Asturian king defeated Arabian invaders in Covadonga in the VIII century.  Based on French battleship Marceau, but was slightly smaller.  Nicknamed El Solitario (the lonely) because it was the only battleship before the launch of Alfonso XIII class battleships.  

Photo and information contributed by Rafael Galvan Diaz