Nelson Class

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Nelson Class Armoured Cruisers.  Photographs and history of the Nelson Class armoured cruisers built in 1876, including HMS Nelson and HMS Northampton.

HMS Nelson 4th November 1876 Sold July 1910.
HMS Northampton 18th November 1876 Sold April 1905.

HMS Nelson

The Boat Crew of HMS Nelson.

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HMS Nelson, 1884.

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HMS Northampton

HMS Northampton, 1878.

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HMS Northampton. 

Probably HMS Northampton but possibly HMS Nelson

Message received by email : Hello.We're attempting to identify the 19th century warship in this old photo. Any help or suggestions you might be able to offer would be most appreciated. Best wishes, Aubrey Bell (& Patricia Bennett), Charlottetown, PEI, Canada.

This is a British armoured cruiser of the Nelson-class. The ships
were painted white on foreign stations. HMS Nelson served on the Australian Station from 1881 until 1889. The other ship of the class was HMS Northampton, flagship of the North American/ West Indies Station until 1886. So if the picture had been taken in North America the unknown ship should be HMS Northampton.

Identified by Frank Kohlmann