Japanese Cruisers

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Japanese Cruisers from the First World War to the Second World War. From the cruiser Tsukuba to the Oyodo. Each dedicated page has a message board for use of Naval enthusiasts and Historians.

Ships name Launch Date Fate
Chiyoda 3rd June 1890 Scrapped 1927
Asama Class        View Class
Asama 22nd march 1898 Scrapped 1947
Tokiwa 6th July 1898 Lost 9th August 1945
Yakumo 8th July 1899 Scrapped 1947
Adzuma 24th June 1899 Scrapped 1946

Adzuma.  Sent in by Guy Bedeau

 Idzumo Class          View Class 

Idzumo 19th september 1899 scrapped 1947
Iwate 29th March 1899 Scrapped
Kasuga Class.            View Class
Kasuga 22nd October 1902 Scrapped 1948
Nisshin 9th February 1903 used as target 1936

 Naniwa Class

Naniwa 18th March 1885 Wrecked 26th July 1912 near Uruppa Island
Takachiho 16th May 1885 Sunk 17th October 1914 torpedoed by German TBS90 while attacking Tsing Tao
Unebi 6th April 1886 Lost October 1887 cause Unknown but likely to be due to her lack of Stability under certain circumstances. lost somewhere between Singapore and Japan

 Matsushima Class

Hashidate 24th march 1891 Scrapped 1927
Itsukushima 11th July 1889 Scrapped 1922.
Matsushima 22nd January 1890 Destroyed by ,magazine explosion at Mako 30th April 1908
Akitsushima 6th July 1892 Scrapped 1923
Yoshino 20th december 1892 Sunk on 15th May 1905
Idzumi 6th June 1883 Discarded 1912
Sai Yen 1883 Sunk on 30th November 1904

 Suma class

Suma 9th march 1895 Scrapped 1928
Akashi 18th december 1897 Sunk as target August 1930
Takasago 18th May 1897 Lost 13th December 1904.
Chitose Class 
Chitose 23rd January 1898 Sunk as target 19th July 1931 

Chitose saluting Portsmouth Garrison, c.1908. 

A reproduction of this original photo / photo-postcard size 10" x 7" approx available.  Order photograph here  ? Walker Archive. Order Code PAN132

Kasagi 20th January 1898 Lost 13th August 1916
Tsushima class             View Class
Tsushima 15th December 1902 Lost 1944
Niitaka 15th November 1902 Lost 26th august 1922
Otowa 2nd November 1903 Lost 1st August 1917 when she ran aground of the Japanese Coast
Tsukuba Class  
Tsukuba 26th December 1905 Sunk on 14th January 1917.
Ikoma 9th April 1906 Scrapped in November 1924.
Ibuki Class
Ibuki 21st November 1907 Scrapped by the end of 1924.
Kurama 21st October 1907 Scrapped in 1924/5.
Kongo Class
Kongo 18th May 1912 Sunk on 21st November 1944.
Hiei 21st November 1912 Sunk on 13th November 1942.
Haruna 14th December 1913 Sunk on 28th July 1945.
Kirishima 1st December 1913 Sunk on 15th November 1942.
Tone 24th October 1907 Used as a target and sunk in April 1933.
Yodo Class 
Yodo 19th November 1907 Scrapped after 1945.
Mogami 25th March 1908 Scrapped in 1931.
Chikuma Class 
Chikuma 1st April 1911 Scrapped after 1931.
Yahagi 3rd October 1911 Scrapped by 1947.
Hirado 29th June 1911 Scrapped in 1947.
Tenryu Class 
Tenryu 11th March 1918 Sunk on 18th December 1942 by the American submarine Albacore.
Tatsuta 29th May 1918 Sunk on 13th March 1944 by the American submarine Sandlance.
Kuma Class 
Kuma 14th July 1919 Sunk on 11th April 1944 by HMS Tally Ho.
Tama 10th February 1920 Sunk on 25th October 1944 by US submarine Jallao.
Kitakami 3rd July 1920 Scrapped by 31st March 1947.
Oi 15th July 1920 Sunk on 19th July 1944 by US submarine Flasher.
Kiso 14th December 1920 Sunk on 13th November 1944 by US aircraft.
Nagara Class Light Cruisers
Nagara 25th April 1921 Sunk on 7th August 1944 by US sub Croaker.
Isuzu 29th October 1921 Sunk on 7th April 1945 by US subs Charr & Gabilan.
Natori 16th February 1922 Sunk on 18th August 1944 by US sub Harhead.
Yura 15th February 1922 Sunk on 25th October 1944 after taking severe damage.
Kinu 29th May 1922 Sunk on 26th October 1944 by US aircraft.
Abukuma 16th March 1923 Sunk on 25th October 1944 by US aircraft.
Ex-Chinese Light Cruisers
Ioshima 10th October 1931 Sunk on 19th April 1944 by USS Shad.
Yasoshima 29th September 1935 Sunk 25th November 1944 by US aircraft.
Sendai Class
Naka 24th March 1925 Sunk on 17th February 1944 by US aircraft.
Sendai 30th October 1923 Sunk on 2nd November 1943 by US aircraft.
Jintsu 8th December 1923 Sunk on 13th July 1943 by cruisers and destroyers.

Sendai Class Cruiser.   Sent in by Peter Hadwin.       (Image emailed by contributor. Not available for purchase.)

Identified as Sendai Class by Bjarne Kaastrup.

Yubari 5th March 1923 Sunk on 28th April 1944 after a torpedo hit from US sub Bluegill.
Furutaka Class
Furutaka 25th February 1925 Sunk on 11th October 1942 by American cruisers.
Kako 10th April 1925 Sunk on 10th August 1942 by US sub S44.
Aoba Class
Aoba 25th September 1926 Sunk on 28th July 1945 by US aircraft.
Kinugasa 24th October 1926 Sunk on 14th November 1942 by US aircraft.
Nachi Class               View Class
Nachi 15th June 1927 Sunk on 5th November 1944 by US aircraft.
Myoko 16th April 1924 Scuttled on 8th July 1946.
Haguro 24th March 1928 Sunk on 16th May 1945 by British destroyers.
Ashigara 22nd April 1928 Sunk on 8th June 1945 by HMS Trenchant.
Takao Class                    View Class
Takao 12th May 1930 Sunk on 31st July 1945 by British mini sub XE3.
Atago 16th June 1930 Sunk on 23rd October 1944 by sub USS Darter.
Maya 8th November 1930 Sunk on 23rd October 1944 sub USS Dace.
Chokai 5th April 1931 Sunk on 25th October 1944 by aircraft and destroyers.
Mogami Class
Mogami 14th March 1934 Sunk on 25th October 1944 by American bombers.
Mikuma 31st May 1934 Sunk on 6th June 1942 by US aircraft at Midway.
Suzuya 20th November 1934 Sunk on 25th October 1944 by US aircraft.
Kumano 15th October 1936 Sunk on 25th November 1944.
Tone Class
Tone 21st November 1937 Sunk on 24th July 1945.
Chikuma 19th March 1938 Sunk on 25th October 1944.
Katori Class
Katori 17th June 1939 Sunk on 17th February 1944 by US cruisers and destroyers.
Kashima 25th September 1939 Scrapped in 1947.

Kashima off Yokohama, 1945.  Sent in by Vernon J Rabbetts

Kashii 14th February 1941 Sunk on 12th January 1945 by American aircraft.
Agano Class
Agano 22nd October 1941 Sunk on 17th February 1944 by USS Skate.
Noshiro 19th July 1942 Sunk on 26th October 1944 by aircraft.
Yahagi 25th October 1942 Sunk on 7th April 1945 by bombs and torpedoes.
Sakawa 9th April 1944 Sunk at the Bikini Atoll tests.
Oyodo 2nd April 1942 Sunk on 28th July 1945 by US aircraft.