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Destroyer histories. Royal naval Hunt Class escort destroyers. Destroyer website dedicated to the history of HMS Atherstone, HMS Berkeley, HMS Cattistock, HMS Cleveland, HMS Cotswold, HMS Cottesmore, HMS Eglinton, HMS Exmoor, HMS Fernie, HMS Garth, HMS Hambledon, HMS Holderness, HMS Mendip, HMS Meynell, HMS Pytchley, HMS Quantock, HMS Quorn, HMS Southdown, HMS Tynedale and HMS Whaddon from their launch to their participation in major wars also notice board for families of ex-crew of Hunt Class escort destroyers.
HMS Atherstone  L.05 12th December 1939 Broken up at post Glasgow 25th November  1957.
HMS Berkeley   L.17 29th January 1940 Sunk 19th August 1944. by German Aircraft of Dunkirk
HMS Blencathra   L.24 6th August 1940 Broken up at barrow  2nd January 1957.
HMS Brocklesby  L.42 30th September 1940 Broken up  at Faslane October 1968.
HMS Cattistock    L.35 22nd February 1940 Broken up  at Newport June 1957.
HMS Cleveland  L.46 24th April 1940 Wrecked 28th June 1957. on route to the Breakers 
HMS Cotswold  L.54 18th July 1940 Broken up  at Grays 11th September 1957.
HMS Cottismore  L.78 5th September 1940 Transferred to Egypt 1950 and renamed Ibrahim el Awal in 1951  Mohamed -Ali - El - Kebir  and in 1956  renamed by Isreal Haifa
HMS Eglinton  L.87 28th December 1939 Broken up at Blyth 28th May 1956.
HMS Exmoor  (i)   L.61 25th January 1940 Sunk 25th February 1941. Torpedoed  German Torpedo Boats  of Lowestoft
HMS Fernie  L.11 9th January 1940 Broken up  at port Glasgow  7th November 1956.
HMS Garth  L.20 14th February 1940 Broken up at Barrow 15th August  1958.
HMS Hambledon  L.37 12th December 1939 Hulked in 1955 finally scrapped at Tyne September   1957.
HMS Holderness  L.48 8th February 1940 Broken up at Preston 20th November 1956.
HMS Liddesdale  L.100 19th August 1940 Broken up  Gateshead 1948.
HMS Mendip  L.60 9th April 1940 Transferred to China 1948 and renamed Lin Fu.  sold to Egypt becoming Mohamed ali-El-Kebir 1950, renamed Ibrahim-El-Awal 1951
HMS Meynell  L.82 7th June 1940 Transferred to Ecuador 1954 and renamed Presidente Velasco Ibarra.
HMS Pytchley  L.92 13th February 1940 Broken up  at llanelly 1st december 1956
HMS Quantock   L.58 22nd April 1940 Transferred to Ecuador 1954 and renamed Presidente Alfaro.
HMS Quorn  L.66 27th March 1940 Sunk on 3rd August 1944. by German explosive motor Boat at Normandy
HMS Southdown   L.25 5th July 1940 Broken up  at barrow 1st November  1956.
HMS Tynedale   L.96 5th June 1940 Sunk on 12th December 1943. by U-Boat 593 off Bougie
HMS Whaddon  L.45 16th July 1940 Broken up  at Faslane April 1959.

HMS Hambledon

HMS Hambledon pictured in 1942.  Thanks to Lester May for the photo.

HMS Quantock

HMS Quantock, January 1945.  Contributed by JLD.

HMS Quorn

HMS Quorn.  Contributed by Tom McInally.

Frank McInally - Ship's Telegraphist - HMS Quorn.

Sent in by his nephew Tom McInally

Frank McInally with two crew mates of HMS Quorn.

Sent in by his nephew Tom McInally.

Richard Mayers, crew member of HMS Quorn, who was lost in the sinking off Le Havre.