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Welcome to battleships-cruisers! This page is intended as a guide as to how to use our naval website.  This site has well over 1000 individual pages covering all navies and all types of naval ships, and is growing every day.  It is our ultimate aim to list all the ships of all the world's navies, while providing photographs and information on as many ships as we can, while allowing communication between ex-crew, relatives of crew, and naval enthusiasts via discussion boards provided for each ship or class.  With a site this size, it can be easy to get lost, so we have constructed this guide to help you get the most from our site.


This first screenshot is what you will see when you access any of our pages.  In the red circle highlighted, we have the title of the page, which in this example is from our Royal Navy page.  Beneath this is our main navigation toolbar.  This is a dynamic toolbar, which will change depending on which page you are on.  The links on this toolbar show all the pages on the same level which you are currently on.    

Next, the blue circle highlights the advertising and links on our site.  These are necessary for the upkeep of the site, and we have kept them related to the site, so please use them!  

The green circle at the bottom shows the universal navigation table which remains on all pages.  This can be used to get to the start page of any of the navies listed, and also links to some of our other pages.


This next screenshot is from further down a page, our Royal Navy home page in fact.  The red circle highlights our search function.  This appears on every page in the same position and lets you search for anything in our web.  This is usually the quickest way to access the information you are looking for.  Below the search box, in the green circle, the table has all the sections covered in the navy selected.  These tables only appear on the home page of each navy.  The links on the tables lead to the listings of the types of ships.  These are usually battleships, cruisers, and destroyers, sometimes with more types depending on the size of the navy.


Once you have reached a listing you will see something similar to the screenshot opposite.  This sample was taken from our Royal Navy battleships listing.  The lists are usually in chronological order, and are divided by class where possible.  When we have a page available for the class, we will have a link to the page, as highlighted by the red circle.  Clicking on this will take you to a page of general information on the class a repeated listing of the ships in the class.  The green circle highlights the ships names.  When they are gold in colour as shown, it means we have some information on the ship, usually photographs, and you can access the information by clicking the name.  When the names are black however, we do not have another page available.  By clicking these links, you will either be taken to a page dedicated to the ship, or to a section for the ship within the class page mentioned above.  


The screenshot opposite shows a section of one of the class pages.  This is from our Queen Elizabeth Class Royal Navy Battleships page.  The highlighted section shows the list of ships in the class, and by clicking these links on a class page, you will be taken to the ships page, or the ships section on the class page.  We have duplicated these lists since many people enter the sites on these pages from search engines, and can therefore still use our navigation system when they enter the site.  As it happens, all of the ships in our example have their own individual pages.  However, as you can see below the ship listing opposite, we have some photographs which may either show several ships in the same class in one photo, or we may be certain they are of this class, but unsure of which ship is pictured.  


Hopefully, you will have seen from this page the structure of our navy web, how to get around it, and how to access the information you are seeking.  As we said above, we are adding more and more to the site every day, so if you do not find what you are looking for, do come back and try again; it is likely that we will be attempting to add it to the site.  You will also have some idea of the scale of our site.  This is one of the biggest naval history sites around, and we have more photos than any other naval history site.  We own many of these photographs, and offer reproductions of many of the photos on our site.  Under the photos which are available, you will see a code number and a link to our secure order site.  These photographs are very high quality, and there is no better way to support this site than by purchasing one.  We do not ask for a donation, but the purchase of these photos keeps this site running, and is the best way to show your appreciation if you so wish.  Any other contributions of photos or information are also gratefully accepted.

Finally, thanks for visiting our site, and enjoy our efforts!