HMS Sussex, cruiser 1928 - 1950

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HMS Sussex.  History of the Royal Navy cruiser HMS Sussex, launched 1928.  Photographs and history of the ship and crew, including crew lists and cruise details.

HMS Sussex, 1929.

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HMS Sussex, 1935.

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HMS Sussex, 1935.

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HMS Sussex, laid up, October 1949.

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HMS Sussex, laid up, October 1949.

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One of the County Class Cruisers, taken from HMS Sussex on trials, September 1930.

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Looking aft from HMS Sussex, September 1930

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Crash on HMS Sussex, April 1932.

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HMS Sussex Glee Party at Wei-Hai-Wei early 1930s

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Taken during the sea trials of HMS Sussex.

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HMS Sussex pictured c.1930.

Extracted from HMS Sussex 1934-1937

HMS ?Sussex? Navy List


Captain                             S.S Bonham Carter, D.S.O.

                                                                       C.V.O.- 21 Nov 1934

                                                                       M.V.O.-21 Nov 1934

Commander                     G.E. Creasy

                                        Captain-31 Dec 1935

                                        Relieved by:-

                                        M.S. Slattery-8 Feb 1936.

Lt Cdr                              R.P. Mack

                                        R.R. Airey

                                        Relieved by:-

                                        Lt Sir Charles E. Madden-20 June 1936

                                        Lt Cdr-30 Aug 1936

                                        L.H.T. Hollebone

Lieut                                G.M. Duncan,

                                        Lt.Cdr-30 Aug 1935

                                        D.J.B. Jewitt. (Left 15 March 1936)

                                        C.L.G. Evans

                                        R.H. Royds

                                        M.W.B. Craig-Waller. (Left 13 July 1936)

Subt Lt                             M. Napier

                                        Lieut-1 Aug 1934.

Sub Lt                              R.W. Hughes

                                        Lieut-1 Jan 1936

                                        Relieved (as Sub Lt) by:-

Sub Lt                              H.D. McL. Slater-24 Jan 1936

                                        Lieut-1st June 1936

                                        Relieved (as Sub Lt) by:-

Sub Lt                              J.R.G. Trechman-8 Aug 1936

Lt, R.N.R.                        A.T.C. Cooper 12 Jan-30 Aug 1936

Comdr (E)                        T.H. Simpson. M.V.O.-21 Nov 1934

                                         Relieved by:-

                                         R.C.W. Bett-13 Nov 1935

Lieut (E)                            G.C. de Jersey

                                          Relieved by:-

Lt Cdr (E)                          H.C. Bridgewater (Left-22 Oct 1935)

                                          J.K. Shaxby

                                          Relieved by:-

                                          J.R. Hart-29 May 1936

Sub Lt (E)                         G.H. Glanville,

                                         Lieut (E)-1 Jan 1935

                                          Relieved by:-

                                          J.B. StL Tyrrell-5 Oct 1935

                                          Lieut (e)-1 Feb 1936

                                          Relieved (as Sub Lt (E) by:-

                                          G.F.C. Ellum-5 May 1936

                                          Lieut (E)-1 Apl 1936

Maj R.M.                           R.H. Quill (Left 24 Oct 1935) M.V.O.-21 Nov 1934

Lt. R.M.                             C.F. Phillips,

                                          Capt-1 Sep 1935

                                          Relieved (as Lt) by:-

                                          R.G. Mascall 14 Sept 1935

                                          Relieved by:-

                                          M.G.Y. Dobson-4 July 1936

Instr Lt                               C.S. Porter M.A.

                                          Instr Lt Cdr-Sept 1934

Chaplain                             Rev J.C. Waters M.A.

Surgn Cdr                           A.W. Gunn M.B. CH.B, M.V.O.-21 Nov 1934

Surgn Lt                              F.H. Ward M.B., CH.B., M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., F.R.C.D.

                                           Relieved by:-

                                           C.V. Harries M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., L.D.S.-12 Oct 1936

Payr Cdr                             M.G.S. Cull O.B.E. M.V.O.-21 Nov 1934

                                           Relieved by:-

                                           H.H. Harvey-24 May 1936

                                           Relieved by:-

                                           D.O. Henwood-11 Sept 1936

Payr Cdr                             A.R.P. Brown

                                           Relieved by:-

Payr Lieut                            A.L. Bonsey-9 Nov 1936

                                            J.S. Theobald (Payr. Mid)

                                            Payr Sub Lt-1 Sept 1934

                                            Payr Lieut-1 Sept 1936

                                            Relieved by:-

Pay Mid                               M.J. Chandler (as Captain?s Secretary)-5 Dec 1936

Payr Lieut                             R.N.V.R. D.A. Phillips. 1 Sept 1936-23 Nov 1936

Cd Gnr                                 A.H. Pryce

                                            (T) A.G. Gentry

                                             Relieved by:-

                                             (T) A.E. Allen-5 April 1935

                                             Relieved by:-

                                             (T) J. Penman-6 April 1936

                                             E.C.C. Parkes

                                             L.L. Stonham

Cd Shpt                                W.H. Rendell

Wt Engr                                W. McC. Livingston

                                             L.C.M. Jopling

                                             Relieved by:-

                                             W.J. Jordan-23 Nov 1936

Wt Elect                                P.R. Drewell

                                             Relieved by:-

                                             A.H. Miller-16 Oct 1936

Schmr                                   G.N. Pask (C.W.O.-27 Aug 1936)

Mid                                       P.T. Williams (Left-15 July 1935)

                                             P.F. Manisty (Left-3 Dec 1935)

                                             T.E. Barlow (Left-3 Dec 1935)

Cadet                                    D.T. Wickham           

                                             A.N. Milward             

                                             G.W. Style                 

                                             M.G. Stirling, R.C.N.

Mid                                       C.H. Palairet

                                             A.W. Stewart            

Mid                                       G. Wardle

                                             T. Winstanley

                                             J.R. Carden

                                             I.R. Johnston

                                             W.M.C. Martin

                                             J.B.R. Horne

Pyr Cdt                                J.P.M. Godber

                                             Payr Mid-1 Sept 1934 (Left-21 Dec 1935)

                                             H.M. de B. Lipscomb                                              Payr Mid-1 Jan 1935

                                             Relieved by:-

Payr Mid                              W.H. Field-16 March 1936