HMS Penelope

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HMS Penelope of the Arethusa Class Destroyers.  Photos and history of HMS Penelope from her launch, 15th October 1915 to her Scrapping in October 1924

HMS Penelope 15th October 1915 Broken up 1924.

All of the images on this page (unless stated) were kindly supplied by Simon Waters. he sent us this email with the images:   I have some old documents and ~20 postcards of HMS Penelope and her activities during WW1. They were collected by my Grand Dad (Bert 'Jim' Waters) who served on her as a Wireless Operator.  I would be interested to know more of the ship and its activities during and after the warSimon Waters    contact here

HMS Penelope.

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HMS Penelope

HMS Penelope recovering a ditched bi-plane.

A View from the Fore-Top

HMS Penelope towing HMS Aurora.

Shield :  "HMS Penelope, Signalmen's Racing Whaler, Winners,  Harwich Forge Regatta, Aug 1917"

HMS Penelope in Dry Dock.

HMS Penelope's Wireless Operators.  Bert 'Jim' Waters second from left, back row.

View of Bridge and Fore-deck with Bi-plane.

HMS Penelope Landing Party.

HMS Penelope's Polo Team

Football Team 1918.

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